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Headshot of Gabe Schwartz

Gabriel “Gabe” Schwartz. PhD, (he/him) is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy (DSPH); secondary appointment in Nursing (CNHP); Drexel FIRST Program

Dr. Schwartz is excited to join a program where the goal of public health justice and support communities as they fight for it. FIRST’s structured mentorship program, as well as Drexel’s investment in studying urban planning and local policy as causes of health inequity, make Drexel the ideal place for him to collaborate, teach, and grow.

Dr. Schwartz’ work examines how social stratification and the places we live shape health across the life course. It conceptualizes structural, racialized exploitation – facilitated by social policy – as a population health problem. This includes research on the health impacts of housing insecurity, segregation, and the criminal legal system.

New and ongoing projects include evaluating the public health impact of state and local housing policies, including laws meant to protect tenants from unhealthy housing, or that provide low-income tenants with representation in housing court. Other lines of work include the heterogeneous effects of school segregation on long-term health outcomes, as well as the ways in which evictions alter the health risks faced by evicted families and their communities FIRST’s training in grant-writing and leadership will heal Dr. Schwartz build a robust and sustainable research program.

Research Expertise:

Social Epidemiology | Health Inequities | Urban Health | Housing | Segregation | Police Violence | Quantitative Methods | Social Policy | Life Course Epidemiology | Structural Racisim | Social Stratification

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