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Institutional Change

Creating a Foundation for Institutional Change

The Drexel FIRST program is firmly grounded in and supported by the Drexel University Strategic Plan and the recommendations of the University-wide Anti-Racism Task force convened by President John Fry during the summer of 2020.

Building upon and leveraging existing strengths and initiatives at Drexel University, Drexel FIRST seeks to advance sustainable institutional structures that support inclusive excellence and nurture powerful and needed research on health disparities.

As program activities are developed and implemented the FIRST leaders will develop recommendations to the University on needed changes in practices and policies to support faculty diversity and a culture of inclusive excellence.

These recommendations will be shared with the Internal Advisory Board as well as Drexel Provost and President to promote their adoption University-wide.

The Drexel FIRST team has worked extensively with key stakeholders and leaders on campus, including President John Fry and Provost Paul Jensen, to ensure institutional support at the highest administrative level for the program. In doing so, the program has created a formidable foundation and a high-level of organizational readiness critical to its long-term success.

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